Wardrobe Consultation

A Wardrobe Consultation is the start of your style journey!

Firstly, you complete my client questionnaire in order for me to establish your current style and what you would like to achieve.

We start with a chat to discuss your body shape and why certain styles and shapes suit you.  Then we go to your wardrobe and discuss each item.  This enables me to build a capsule wardrobe that suits your body shape, personality and lifestyle. I then suggest items to buy to complete your capsule wardrobe. Be prepared to have a clear out!

My Wardrobe Consultation includes: 

  • Body shape analysis
  • New outfits created from your existing wardrobe
  • A shopping list of items you require to build a capsule wardrobe
  • Wardrobe clear out and organise

After the consultation you will: 

  • Have a capsule wardrobe that suits your personality and lifestyle that’s based on classic style, not fashion. 
  • Be more confident when shopping as you will know your body shape and what items suit
  • Have new outfits without even going shopping!
  • Feel confident

This sounds intimidating but, when I leave, you will have an organised wardrobe and feel confident that everything suits you and looks great! You will be excited to get dressed in the morning!

Consultations take place on Saturday’s and last 3-4 hours, depending on the individual client.

Price: £90

Personal Shopping

This is one of my favourite services that I provide for my clients!

After your wardrobe consultation, we go shopping for new items in order to create your capsule wardrobe. You will buy items knowing that they suit your body shape and will compliment your current wardrobe.

If you would like this as a stand alone service, we will have a chat over Zoom in order for me to analysis your body shape and discuss your needs.

Shopping consultations take place in Edinburgh on a Saturday and last 2-3 hours (+ a pre-shop).

Price: £110



The colours you wear have a big effect on how you look and feel. They will either be flattering or unflattering depending on your skin tone. Colours are so powerful that they can even help you communicate a message or feeling to the people around you!  

This process finds the colours that flatter you the most. After a Colour Analysis you will know the colours you are wearing are the most flattering for you and will help you look and feel amazing!

Colour Analysis lasts around 45 minutes.

Price: £30 

Colour Parties

Why not gather some friends and have a colour party!

Gather up to three of your friends for a fun session to find the colours that suit you.

£30 per person 

Full In Person Package

If you would like the full Style Du Jour experience – a wardrobe consultation, shopping consultation and a colour analysis – why not purchase the full package!



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